About Us

TGC Counsellors are experienced clients who are professionally trained and now qualified therapists and counsellors. We offer human-to-human connection while respecting our clients’ views.

Our Belief: We believe in treating others as we would to ourselves; Therefore, HELP IS AVAILABLE & YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!

Our Vision is to create an atmosphere of safety where people suffering from mental health problems feel safe, heard, understood, supported, and empowered.

Our mission is to provide a unique, quality therapeutic experience that empowers our clients through their journey of self-discovery & recovery. We do not judge, criticise, advise, or tell our clients what to do. We value and respect our client’s autonomy and are aware of the individual’s cultural values. Therefore, we adapt our practice to ensure that it is client-centred. We practice a whole system approach that allows our clients to talk about anything regarding their past, present, or future that may be worrying or overwhelming. We provide a safe and confidential environment with a trained and experienced professional. For example, our therapists or counsellors will empathically support you in exploring your feelings, thoughts, and behaviour. We will offer support that empowers you to understand yourself better. Hence, gain your own independence in decision-making.


I value your visit to the TGC Low-Cost Counselling and Psychotherapy website. I am a therapist/ counsellor looking after my clients’ physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. I am a qualified professional Integrative Counsellor and an Early Years Childhood Education Practitioner. I offer support to both children and adults. I use various techniques to assess, support, and facilitate changes in my client’s journey of self-discovery and self-management of their recovery. I tailor my approach to meet individual clients from diverse races and cultures needs because no two experiences are the same. Therefore, my technique depends on each client’s situational experience and the severity of the presenting issues. I am enthusiastic and passionate about my work. I love engaging and interacting with people as human-to-human. I perceived being part of my client’s positive life-changing experience and reaching out to the broader community as a privilege.
I use different methods to facilitate my client’s session, including the Trauma-Informed and the Open Dialogue Approach. I work with MIND & NELFT organisations’ multi-disciplinary teams. I know the available services and how the clients can access them.
Again, thank you for visiting, and I look forward to a beautiful time of therapeutic relationship with you or referring people to TGC Low-Cost Counselling Service.

Our therapists are certified by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). We follow their Ethical Guidelines to ensure competencies and that our clients get the best care and attention to enable them to find their own solution to the presenting problems.