Our Services

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) focuses on changing the automatic negative thoughts that can contribute to and worsen emotional difficulties, depression, and anxiety. It focuses on how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your feelings and actions and teaches you coping skills for dealing with destructive or disturbing thought patterns that negatively influence your behaviour and emotional problems.

Counseling is a professional service provided by trained individuals, known as counselors, to help people manage and overcome a range of personal challenges, emotional difficulties, and mental health issues. The process involves a confidential relationship between the counselor and the client, aimed at fostering personal growth, emotional well-being, and problem-solving skills

Psychotherapy, often referred to as “talk therapy,” is a method of treating mental health issues and emotional difficulties through structured conversations with a trained therapist. The goal of psychotherapy is to help individuals understand their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and to develop healthier ways of coping with and managing their problems.

Well-being is a comprehensive concept that encompasses various aspects of a person’s life, focusing on their overall health, happiness, and quality of life. It includes physical, mental, emotional, and social dimensions, reflecting a state of balance and harmony within an individual and their environment.

Person/ Client-Centred therapy is a non-directive approach that requires you to take the reins during your therapy sessions actively. Your TGC therapist will not give you their opinions, advice or prescribe medication. Instead, we will act mainly as a guide or a source of support while you are in charge of your therapy. We will help you find your own solutions- whether making effective changes in your life or finding ways of coping with your problems.

In Filial Therapy, the parent/carer is trained in conducting communication sessions with the child/young person. At TGC, we believe parents/carers are the most important people in their child's healing and development. Therefore, we aim to provide the parents or the children's primary caregivers with the appropriate skills necessary to become the therapeutic facilitators of change in their homes.

Psychodynamics helps you to explore childhood and previous relationship and develop an awareness of the current relationship, which you can apply in your daily routine. It assists in contacting repressed memory and increases your capacity to resolve trauma reactions through a reflective process.

Eclectic therapy is an approach that draws on multiple theoretical approaches. It is a flexible and multifaceted approach to therapy that allows the therapist to use the most effective methods available to address your need.

Transpersonal Therapy values wholeness. It addresses mental, physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual needs, focusing on the importance of a healthy spirit in healing. For healing and growth to occur, a connection embraces the spirit, mind, and soul of both the client and counsellor in the here and now. Transpersonal therapy requires demonstrating honesty, open-mindedness, and self-awareness, and the focus is on the spiritual aspect of the client’s experiences.